Thankfully, the holidays are behind us and we can begin the most productive time of the year. I apologize for predicting that we would accomplish certain things– Haida Nation totem poles, for example, that we will not get to. Between the school-wide illness at the end of November, Thanksgiving, and our winter break, we lost a lot of time. So it goes sometimes! It does feel good to have started a new year, I know that! In Geography, we are focusing on the eastern hemisphere with a particular emphasis on Africa. Mr. Rangel is helping the children explore rhythms and songs from that lovely continent. Miss Colleen will be helping the children make African masks in art. We have also begun an exploration of our “cosmic address” in the Universe. This is always such a fun time when the children learn about the Milky Way Galaxy, our solar system, fellow planets, asteroids, and phases of the moon. We listened to the “symphony of the planets” which is true space music picked up by some of NASA’s probes. Very cool stuff! I would like to thank Carlos Gallegos (Jeffrey’s dad) for his lively, fun, and informative attempt to give us a sense of the
true distance planets are from the sun. Even using our whole playground as the “solar system” there was only enough room to get to Venus’ orbit! We all really enjoyed it!
We are studying everything about birds that we can in Zoology. Our field trip to The Wildlife Center
yesterday was so wonderful. Your children were brilliant and really “wowed” the teachers there! They
couldn’t believe how much the children knew and how well behaved they were. I was so proud of them!
Please ask your child about a starling murmuration and watch one of the U Tube videos about them. They
are a sight to behold! (Unfortunately, our internet at school does not work well so the buffering lag time took some of the magic away from our viewing.) We will be dissecting owl pellets in a couple of weeks and your children will be using a key to identify the bones of a particular species of bird or mammal that the owl ate for lunch. Pellets are bundles of non-digestible bones and fur that the owl coughs up. Be assured these pellets are sterilized and are totally safe to work with. The children get to keep the bones, too, which is always a super thing!