Quails: Miss Carmen

Happy December! This first semester is going by so quickly. I cannot believe that December is already here. During the month of November, we talked a lot about what we are thankful for. We have been displaying our “turkey hands” outside of our classroom which state what each child told me
he or she is thankful for. They are all beautiful and adorable!
We talked about buffalo and how important they were, and still are, to Native Americans. We
learned about petroglyphs and the children enjoyed making their own from beautiful sandstone Ms.
Mary Anne brought from her ranch. We read about the Pueblos which are in our area and about other
Native Nations across America.
We are continuing to work on letter sounds, identifying numerals and counting. We just got in
some great new pieces of work to help the students with this ongoing process.
I have now started to give Spanish lessons to the Quails. So far, we have been studying parts of the
face; eyes (ojos), ears (orejas), nose (nariz), mouth (boca), and hair (pelo). We have also begun to study
colors in Spanish. We have learned red (rojo) and blue (azul). We will continue working on more
colors in December along with items in the classroom.
As part of our Montessori Cultural Studies, we will be learning about Hanukkah, Christmas, and
Kwanzaa in December. Because of the young age of the Quails, we will simply touch on each
celebration lightly.
The Quail class would like to welcome Zac! Zac joined us in November and we are thrilled to have one
more beautiful smile to greet us every morning.We would also like to welcome Ms. Lita’s beautiful, bouncing, baby girl to the Desert Montessori School family. Her name is Carmela Appalonia, and Ms. Lita has already brought her in to meet the Quails. Each child had a wonderful time welcoming Carmela.
I would like to thank Ms. Mary Anne for substituting for Ms. Lita. I appreciate her coming in and taking on this huge endeavor. Ms. Lita will be returning to the Quail class in a couple of weeks.
As a reminder, please send your child every day with a hat or hood, waterproof coat, gloves and boots. However, if there are days when it is just too wet or cold for the Quails, we will stay indoors.
Thank you for being wonderful parents and always supporting your child!

Road Runners Ms. Autumn & Ms. Page

Happy New Year and many thanks for all of the well wishes, delicious treats and kind gifts you have given us in celebration of the holidays!

 December was a festive, fun-filled month.  The children were busy creating their beautiful and unique holiday gifts.  As in nature, no two snowflake ornaments were alike.  Each child took pride in their work, carefully creating with such focus and purpose.The class was also busy rehearsing songs in preparation for their fabulous performance in the Holiday Music Program! Thank you, John Rangel and Barbara Bentree for sharing your talents and love of music with the children.

 We had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful performance by Ms. Wagner and Mrs. Sovcik’s E3 class (4th, 5th and 6th grades).  We were all thoroughly entertained by the hilarious melodrama, Grammar Gulch.  It was a great experience for the children in our class.  Thank you for inviting us, E3, and congratulations to the cast on an outstanding performance! 

Ms. Carmen (Lead Teacher in the Quail Classroom) has been giving our class Spanish lessons every Wednesday morning.  The children have been very receptive, and really enjoy the special weekly Spanish circle time.  So far, we have been studying parts of the face; eyes (ojos), ears (orejas), nose (nariz), mouth (boca), and hair (pelo). We have also begun learning colors in Spanish; red (rojo), blue (azul) and yellow (amarillo). We will continue working on more colors in January along with items in the classroom.  Thank you, Ms. Carmen for enriching our program with your gift of language.

 This month, we are learning all about the five senses through group lessons, games, and exploration of materials designed to isolate and refine the senses.  Sensorial learning is an important part of Montessori education.  It develops the whole body as the receptor and builder of information.  Sensorial materials are a constant and integral part of our classroom.  A variety of activities are offered to refine the senses, introduce descriptive language and develop classification skills.  Our lesson theme for January is The Five Senses, but the children will continue to work in the Sensorial area of the classroom throughout the year.

 Letter of the Week Show and Tell is every Thursday unless otherwise noted on our classroom calendar.  The featured letter this Thursday, January 9 is m.  Please help your child choose something from home or nature that begins with “m”.

 Show and Tell Schedule:

 Thursday, Jan. 9       m

 Thursday, Jan. 16     n

 Thursday, Jan. 23     NO Show and Tell

 Thursday, Jan. 30     o

 Lastly, a few important reminders:

 *  Please send a child-sized water bottle filled with water every day.  Bottles with drinking spouts, rather than removable lids are preferred.

 *  Please be sure your child has a warm hat, warm coat, snow pants, waterproof mittens, and snow boots at school.  We ask that all items except the coat be kept at school.  We play outside for at least 45 minutes every day (with the exception of extreme weather conditions) and it is important to have these essentials at school at all times.


 Thank you!

 Welcome back, and best wishes for a peaceful, healthy New Year!