Parent’s Place


“The adult ought never to mold the child after himself, but should leave him alone and work always from the deepest comprehension of the child himself.” - Maria Montessori

Here’s a little poem to help your kids (and maybe you) with parts of speech…

Three little words you often see
Are articles-an, a, and the.
A noun is the name of anything,
As school or garden, hoop or swing.
Adjectives tell the kind of noun,
As great, small, pretty, white or brown.
Instead of nouns the pronouns stand-
Her head, his face, your arm, my hand.
Verbs tell of something being done-
To read, count, laugh, sing, jump or run.
How things are done the adverbs tell,
As slowly, quickly, ill, or well.
Conjunctions join the word together,
As men and women, wind or weather.
The prepositions stand before,
A noun, as in or through the door.
The interjections show surprise,
As Oh! How Pretty!, Ah! How wise!
The whole are called the nine parts of speech.
Which reading, writing, speaking teach.
The Emergency Plan is located on the back of the parent handbook as well as the back of the school phone book. Please familiarize yourself with it.