We are so fortunate to have so many new and returning families to DMS. We work tirelessly to
make sure that your child is having an enriching, purposeful and meaningful education. We
appreciate your taking the time to read our newsletters. It is one of the key ways we communicate
between home and school. Take the time to read the other classrooms news as well! It’s a great
way to see what we offer throughout the school. Our back page has important notices and news
as well.
We have new staff as well! I am so happy to welcome Paige Vinson, Mary Anne Maynard,
John Guranich, Judith Mace and Chris Duran. Paige is working with Lisa Grogan in our Middle
Elementary classroom. Mary Anne is filling in with the Quails while Lita is on maternity leave.
John Guranich is the assistant in Upper Elementary on Thursdays and Fridays. Judith is in the
office with me but also helps out E1 with their recesses. Last but not least, Chris is keeping the
school clean and freeing up all the teachers and me from those tasks! Great to have them all here!
I hope the students told you about our new Fire Alarm system. It’s a new annoying noise, now
with flashing lights! It is such a relief to have an up to date alarm system that is monitored as well,
and it sounds out on the playground too!

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