E3: Ms. Wagner, Mrs. Sovcik, and Mr. Guranich

Winter term has begun very well, although it is difficult to know that it is winter without any snow. The children are hoping for snow daily. Thank you to Lisa and Jennie for driving to the library last month. We cannot do
only any field trips without the help of parent drivers. Thank you all so much for answering the call.

We have a very busy term coming up. We will continue math and reading lessons as usual. We have added DOL which stands for Daily Oral Language. We not only learn about correct grammar, but also the children are learning editing skills. These skills help children improve their own writing as well as become friendly editors for other
students’ work. The fourth graders continue writing lessons working on proper paragraph formation, editing their own work, using a thesaurus to make their writing more interesting, and then writing a final paragraph that is an example of their best descriptive writing. The fifth and sixth graders are learning about the structure of five
paragraph essays and writing their own essays.


In science, the children are discovering different concepts of physical science through experimentation. During the next four months groups of children will learn about and teach two scientific concepts. The students will work together, and with their teachers, to understand the concepts and learn the vocabulary involved. Next the children will try out a simple experiment at home, and finally they will bring the materials to school and demonstrate and explain the experiment to their classmates.


In social studies, we are beginning the Renaissance. The children will have readings to do and then they will complete an outline recording the main ideas. The structure of outlining is taught in class and the children will be provided with a prompted outline for the readings. Each child will also begin a multifaceted research project into the life of a famous Renaissance person. We will be sending home a project description, due dates, and expectations. Of course, in class, we will review these documents and examples frequently so that the children understand their assignments.

Mrs. McCalla will be teaching portraiture in art class and working with the children on the drawing assignment for this project. Mrs. Sovcik and I will be teaching the letter writing and timeline structure in class. The students will be bringing home the expectation paper and a due date list which will need your signature indicating that you have read and understand all the components of the assignments. Copies of the papers stay at home and only the signature part needs to be returned. We appreciate our partnership in educating your child. Please be on the lookout for the social studies expectations and the due date lists. Ask your child for these forms. Thank you so much!