E2: Ms. Grogan, Ms. V, & Mr. Murphy

We are off to wonderful 2014 and February’s curriculum will include several new projects, field trips and areas of study. We welcome Henry, our new second grader to our E-2 class. We would like to thank Miss Courtney for helping with reading groups, Miss Dawn for assisting with math and the organization of the classroom, and Mr. Bernie for reading a wonderful book about Georgia O’Keefe. Parent volunteers are and can do a variety of things, including: present a lesson, share a special talent, provide extra assistance to a child or small group, help with classroom organization, chaperone a field trip, or coordinate a party or special event. If you would like to help, please let us know.

In science, we are currently studying oceans and sea life. Students are learning about basic oceanography, different zones (sunlight, twilight and dark zones), ocean invertebrates, reef fish, sharks, sea turtles, dolphins and whales. Through reading, projects and research, we will continue our ocean studies. We have also started our research reports on a specific ocean animal. In addition, our field trip to the Albuquerque Aquarium will be scheduled soon.

In our literature study groups, one group is currently reading Superfudge, by Judy Blume. This is a delightfully funny story about a family and their everyday adventures. The second group is currently reading the classic novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell; a nstory about the brave Karana and her struggle to survive. Our final reading group recently completed a nonfiction book, Dinosaur Clues by Sopris West. Decoding, fluency and
comprehension skills are all emphasized during reading groups.

In Language arts, students are working on prefixes, suffixes and root words, parts of speech with the grammar box, phonics (long vowels, consonant blends and silent letters), and other spelling rules/patterns. In terms of writing, the students are enjoying creative writing with illustrations, journaling, poetry (haiku and acrostic) and are learning note taking skills for their ocean research reports. Cursive groups provide instruction in proper letter formation,
while others are writing sentences, paragraphs and poetry in cursive.
As part of our morning math, all children continue to work on daily word problems based on various levels. Our math program caters to students with a variety of styles including auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Children are divided into math groups in order to meet the various needs of the students. Saxon math and the review of important concepts, in addition to various math lessons with pattern blocks, geo-boards, multiplication/ division boards, fraction manipulatives, provide a stimulating math environment. This month we will continue to work on multiplication/ division fact families, equivalent fractions, measurement to the nearest ½ inch, geometry,
area and perimeter. As a reminder to third graders (and other children learning multiplication), please continue to study multiplication facts with flashcards in order to master this skill. We will begin multiplication quizzes this month.

Lastly, our students enjoy specialty classes including music with Mr. Rangel, Spanish with Mrs. Garcia, art with Mrs. McCalla, and drama with Mr. Young. We are amazed by the children’s acting talents as they learn Shakespeare and other drama techniques. Thank you, Mr. Young for volunteering your time and talent!

*Morning circle begins at 8:30 so please make sure your child arrives on time!
*Please check your child’s homework each night, sign the reading contract and return the folder on Fridays (Thursdays during the ski program).