Dear Parents,

I hope you had a wonderful and restful time with your family over the Winter Holidays! The months of
January, February and March are extremely important in solidifying your child’s reading fluency, sight
word recognition and number sense in math. Continue to make sure your child is regularly practicing
their sight words and reading nightly.


Ms. Win

During the months of January, February and March we will be focusing in science on States of Matter, Animals and their Habitats and Our Sky. We will be reading and discussing books on these topics during our morning circle time from our class library. During our study of each unit, we will also be conducting experiments using the scientific method, writing and presenting our first research reports on animals and their habitats and lastly creating murals of our daytime and nighttime skies.
In Social Studies, we have or will be learning about the customs surrounding our winter celebrations – New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King’s Day, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day (Washington and Lincoln). Students have made some very cute tempera Penguin pictures, “I have a Dream” Stained Glass Peace Mobiles and will be making Valentine Cards Mailboxes from shoe boxes (each child needs to bring in one shoe box by February 3rd).

E1 Last Friday was the first day of Desert Montessori’s Ski Santa Fe School Days Program. Students excitedly reported their accomplishments whether they were NeverEver skiers, Green Slope skiers or Advanced skiers. On Ski Day weeks (January 28th, February, 7th, 21st, and 28th) homework and sight word folders, spelling tests and
Raz-Kids reading will not be due until the following Monday in order to give students time to complete assignments.
In reading, students will continue using Raz-Kids books and skill development worksheets on some days during reading groups. Trade books also will be used during reading groups. For night time reading, students will receive a leveled book to practice. Research has shown that reading fluency increases when students read books at their
independent level (no more than five words per paragraph unknown). Please help make sure your student returns their book to their backpack on Thursday nights. Students will not be able to check out another book until they
have returned their previous book. In math, we continue to work on our problem solving skills through Daily Math
Word Problems during circle time and math time. Sometimes we work through the problems as a group and other times students complete the problems independently. Students are excited about the new math workbooks recently
ordered. During the first week of January, students were assessed on their math skills and will be placed in the appropriate level workbook. Students have worked on telling time by the hour and half hour using clock models and
worksheets. Many can tell time by the minute.

In February we will begin our math unit on measurement. As part of our Holiday celebrations, students will
be learning about the history and customs of Valentine’s Day. A class list of students in our class, specials teachers and office staff will be sent home the first week of February so students can prepare their cards. Our Holiday party
will be on February 13th. More information will be forthcoming concerning needs for snacks and crafts.